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Customer Service

Quality assurance. Almabion guarantees quality of reagents and sets. If it is found out that quality does not correspond declared, Almabion undertakes to replace low-quality goods or to return its cost. Term of submission of the claim – 30 calendar days from the moment of receiving goods by the customer.

Order placement. For placement of the order it is necessary to carry out a cart with goods until payment, or to send to our managers the list of goods to the order for Order it is deemed accepted after its payment and receipt of funds on the bank account. Сustomers from EU and North America can place and pay the order by credit cards immediately on a site.

Shipment and delivery. We aspire to that 100% of goods were available in a warehouse. If the product interesting you is not present available, we will be able to deliver it within 2-3 weeks. Delivery across Russia is carried out by express firm "Major Express" ( On EU countries and other world delivery of goods is made by means of FedEx.

Return and replacement. The ordered goods are not subject to return or replacement. The exception is made by replacement of low-quality goods because of the supplier. Thus Almabion's research associates will find out the reason of discrepancy of quality. If it becomes clear that the supplier is guilty, equivalent replacement or payment return will be offered the customer.

Payment of the order is carried out at the time of its placement on a site by credit cards, or on providing the bills.

Frequently Asked Questions