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ReadiLink™ iFluor™ 647 Antibody Labeling Kit *Microscale Optimized for Labeling 50 µg Antibody Per Reaction*

Catalog Number: alm27176  Pack size: 2 Labelings
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CompositionComponent A: Labeling Dye 2 vials (One vial is for 50 µg protein) -20 oC
Component B: Reaction Buffer 1 vial (20 µL) -20 oC
Component C: TQ™-Dyed Quench Buffer 1 vial (20 µL) -20 oC
Estimated delivery time1-2 weeks
DescriptionReadiLink™antibodylabeling kits provideone of the mostconvenientwaysto labelantibodiesin microscale.The kitsonlyrequire two simple mixing steps without a purification step involved. The succinimidyl esters(SE) ofiFluor™and mFluor™dyesused in the kitsshow good reactivity and selectivity with the aliphatic amines of proteins and forms a carboxamide bond, which isidentical to, and is as stable as the natural peptide bond.TheiFluor™and mFluor-antibodyconjugates may be used forimmuno-fluorescent staining, fluorescencein situhybridization, flow cytometry and other biological applications.Each ReadiLink™antibodylabeling kit provides all the essential components for performingtwoconjugation reactions(for 2x50μg protein).Each kitcan be usedto label50-100μgmonoclonal, polyclonal antibodies or other proteins (>10 kDa)with only two simple mixing steps Ex=654nm; Em=674nm
Application NotesDMSO
Storage -20°C
Shipment Conditions +4°C
References1.HermansonGT (1996).Biocojugate Techniques, Academic Press, New York.2.Haugland RP (1995). Coupling of monoclonal antibodies with fluorophores.Methods MolBiol45,205-21.3.Brinkley M (1992). A brief survey of methods for preparing protein conjugates with dyes, haptens, and cross-linkingreagents.BioconjugateChem3,2-13
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