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Atosiban Acetate

Catalog Number: alm8683  Pack size: 10mg
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Peptide InformationPharmaceutical Peptide
Estimated delivery time1-2 weeks
DescriptionAtosiban Acetate. M.W.: 994,2 Formula: C43H67N11O12 S2
Quality ControlMS, HPLC
StorageStore lyophilised at -20 °C or below for 1 year. Peptide can be reconstituted with sterile water or DMSO, store frozen for months. Shelf life for peptides with amino acids C, M, W, N, or Q in sequence is quite shorter.
Shipment Conditionsambient, +4 °C
Amino Acid SequenceMpa-D-Tyr(ET)-Ile-Thr-Asn-Cys-Pro-Orn-Gly-NH2
UsageFor research use only. Not for drug or household usage.
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